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ABOUT GUNGHO is a place to celebrate the best things we love about Richmond. We picked the top hundred or so places that we feel contribute to the pride of living in this city. We wanted to create a site that presents these unique experiences and JUST these experiences as places you absolutely SHOULD patronize.

As you discover the website you'll notice that there's a lot of good businesses not listed. When a friend comes in from out of town and asks your opinion on some fun and/or simply interesting ways to spend their time in Richmond, you don't hand them a phonebook. You give them an excited "You've got to go to ____!" We tried to find the places that elicit THAT response and give them a little piece of the internet where they can be recognized for being THAT special.

This comes with full knowledge that we, the editorial staff of this site, have not been EVERYWHERE (and if we had, we'd be bored out of our skulls) and that there's always something new and incredible popping up in the city. Keep us on our toes, recommend some great places, and keep our lives interesting too :) We hope you enjoy interacting with the site and that you find reason to tell your friends about it. In the meantime, go gungho on these joints and keep coming back for the blog and the regularly updated event schedule.


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