The moule frites in white wine garlic sauce at are more than worth a trip to Carytown.

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Blue Ridge Eco Shop

"Green" babies (that are not the Hulk) and their eco-conscious families shop here. Sustainability and market fairness fill the place like the aroma of warm cookies and good intentions.


C and A Camp

Exclusive high-end fashions, signature home items and linens make Carlin Camp’s Warehouse District hideaway a destination. Also, she's f'ing hilarious. Don't come to CVIL without meeting her.


Cha Cha's

Break up your day of antiques, vintage clothes, coffeeshops and seriousness with a pinch of kitsch. Life’s not that serious, play a little. Sidney is a pleasure to talk to and there’s at least one item in the store someone you know HAS to have.