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Blue Elephant

Knick-knackery and sweet arty finds. Small, breezy spot run by Francesca, queen of the odd vintage suitcase and Duchess of Tea-sets.


Vintage Vixen

When all the fashion designers of the world are raptured to the great Paris in the sky, VV will rebrand itself as a museum to everything you miss about them.


B-Sides Thrift Boutique

Recycled fashionables for the socially-enabled hipster fashionablees. Best selection of t-shirts and hats - local music and wonderful people behind the counter.



Consignment taken seriously. The best fashion treasure hunters and sellers find their booty here.


Halcyon Vintage

Not vintage clothes, but vintage FASHION. Brands you’ll recognize from that cool, old copy of Vogue from 1962 you stole from your aunt’s attic.



Titan of Richmond style. Recycled wardrobe favorites from Richmonds trendiest local fashionistas. The best chance of wearing the awesome top you envied on that “b*@#!” you saw it on last month.