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The Farm

Robert Packard is so in love with coffee you know that when he makes you a cup, his reputation is on the line. You need to have him make you some. It’ll ruin other coffee for you and you wont even mind.


Miller's Downtown

Eatin’ in the front and liquor in the back. The perfect blend of lowbrow and lowerbrow. Third floor’s the charm.


The Pigeon Hole

When you do simple down-home cuisine right - like perfect stone ground grits and transcendent mac n cheese - you can make a snooty tartare look like cat food. Lex and Naomi,the owners, are real down chicks too.


Positively 4th Street

Straighforward American fare Mellencamp and Springsteen would high-five each other for. Steak, mashed pertaters, burgers, beer and Fourth of freakin’ Joo-ly!!



Consistently attracting the best local and touring bands to it’s main stage and dance club, this New Orleanic venue has all the voodoo. Purple pool tables and perfect lighting make this a great casual night out spot.


The Shebeen Pub and Braai

Still. In. Coma. From too many foods. Couldn’t help myself. Damn you delicious South African cuisine! Piri-Piri Chicken tastes just as good as it is fun to say.


South Street Brewery

On-site brewery with a giant fireplace for you to tell old skiing adventure stories while wearing your best cable-knit turtleneck. Exceptional beer too.


Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

My favorite place in CVIL. Tea house with great live music, better tea, awesome ambiance, an adorable staff and damn, just the most welcoming and comfortable spot in Central VA. You HAVE to go there.



Live music, straightforward American menu, like a Budweiser on your neighbors’ porch. Being directly across from train tracks makes me want to call it precious, but I’m scared it might punch me.


Starr Hill Brewery

And the gods gave unto Charlottesville the gift of Star Hill Brewery, to “uninhibit” the masses, to sponsor their events, to shine like a beer-colored beacon of hope to all those with nothing to do tonight.


Secco Wine Bar

The wine bar you WANT to go to - oh the fried chickpeas!!!