I call Goldeneye tournament! A bottle of Jack for head"shots", used N64 and cartridge from PlayNTrade, good friends and time to kill!

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Hollywood Cemetery

No better place to go all Morrissey on everybody. Incessantly intriguing and comfortably morose.



The flagship of RIchmond parks with a zoo, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and summer concerts. Perfect “the question” popper place.


American Civil War Center

A balanced exhibit with astounding insights into the Civil War experience on the homefront and on the killing fields. Extraordinary.


Valentine Richmond History Center

Where Richmond just can’t shut up about itself. Also, one of the greatest repositories of propaganda art and historical fashion. Whu?


Virginia Center For Architecture

Housed in our very own Castle Wolfenstein, this is one of the most jaw-dropping buildings/monoliths in the city


The National

This venue saved our souls when it opened in 2008. It's a renovated historical landmark, as are a lot of Richmond venues - but with a lot of tech thrown in. The best bands come here and they're always booked full.