Referring to the Mixologists at as bartenders is like calling Jesus "popular."

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The Box

Chas, Tash, Ben, Church, Matt... The only bar in town that I learned EVERYONE’s name in the first week of writing this thing. The first bar that I’m going to MISS when I leave. Have some of their good juju. Go.


Christian's Pizza

Big slice New York-style done right. Impossibly cheap beer to accompany a wide triangle of cheesy nirvana.


Miller's Downtown

Eatin’ in the front and liquor in the back. The perfect blend of lowbrow and lowerbrow. Third floor’s the charm.


The White Spot

Your hangover has no power against the almighty Gus Burger. Come sacrifice a shockingly small amount of money to erase that last tequila shot from your body's memory.


To The Bottom and Back Bus

There should be a statue of Jim Porter and Sandy Appelman for saving the lives & Drivers Licenses of RVA’s weekend warriors. It’s free, so tip generously.



Our CBGB’s. The spot has changed names and hands over the decades but has always remained a legendary hole for the punk and metal horde.


Strange Matter

THE venue that touring metal, punk and indie bands want to play. The list of “who played here” is long and un-Richmondlike braggy.


Sidewalk Cafe

Giant food portions and one of the last few REAL Fan bars.