Try the Pilgrim's Progress at ! Thanksgiving on a sub roll, yum!

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To The Bottom and Back Bus

There should be a statue of Jim Porter and Sandy Appelman for saving the lives & Drivers Licenses of RVA’s weekend warriors. It’s free, so tip generously.


Cous Cous

A little Marrakech and a lot of heart. Beautiful and delicious, with a healthy bar scene after hours.



Our CBGB’s. The spot has changed names and hands over the decades but has always remained a legendary hole for the punk and metal horde.


Garnett's Cafe

Tiny little corner spot with my favorite Monsieur sandwiches and amazing red velvet cake. It’s adorable.


Ipanema Cafe

Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant with giant tofu bricks of history as one of RVA’s locals’ all-time favorites. Don’t miss the delicious pie!


Kuba Kuba

Eating here is like having Hector Lavoe sing in your ear while Tito Puente gives you a foot rub. It’s the lost Fania All-Star.


Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

The only authentic Ethiopian restaurant with an Ethiopian Olympic skiier on staff. Probably ever. Also, if Afro-Beta is going on - you HAVE to check out that awesomeness.


Strange Matter

THE venue that touring metal, punk and indie bands want to play. The list of “who played here” is long and un-Richmondlike braggy.