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Derriere De Soie

The only thing sexier than the lingerie is the staff. Somehow, even their vibrators are classy. ‘Makes Victoria’s Secret look like the town gossip tramp. P.S. Check out their new location in Richmond too!



Trendy fashions skew to the needs of the underpacked traveler that wants to look “hot” when she’s on the town. Wraps and minis and every accessory to set them off. On top of being on top of it, they also decorated the shop with live birds.



The sound of stilettos on marble is the synesthetic equivalent of Verdigris. A fashion Louvre where you can actually touch the art.


Vintage Vixen

When all the fashion designers of the world are raptured to the great Paris in the sky, VV will rebrand itself as a museum to everything you miss about them.


C and A Camp

Exclusive high-end fashions, signature home items and linens make Carlin Camp’s Warehouse District hideaway a destination. Also, she's f'ing hilarious. Don't come to CVIL without meeting her.